Black Preacher in a White Town

Race and Religion in America

Black Preacher In A White Town: The Novel

What is this place? It’s about a novel I wrote. It’s about many other things, too, including: race and racism; Christianity; America; blacks and whites, and why we still can’t seem to get along after all these years, decades, and centuries. About wealth and what it does to the soul. About one man’s crusade to change these things (I’m speaking of Pastor Leon, the protagonist of the book).

This site is about all those things. It’s also a conversation; you know, old-fashioned talking while we sip lemonade on the front porch. A place where we don’t assume the worst motives about people with whom we disagree. A place where we discuss sensitive, emotional, but important topics. Stuff that matters.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

— Keith Ward