The Book

He wants to lead them to heaven.

They’re going to put him through hell.

Black Preacher In A White Town: The Novel

Following a tragic and horrifying event, Pastor Leon Rivkin feels God calling him out of his inner-city Baltimore church into a rich white suburb. With his new church, he’s determined to show the people there how empty their lives of wealth and privilege really are.

Problem is, people don’t like hearing that. Especially from a black man.

The church struggles at first, being mostly ignored. But Pastor Leon isn’t a man to be ignored.

Then something happens. Young folks start showing up, captivated by Pastor Leon’s dynamic preaching. Church attendance grows. The Internet and social media spread his message.

As the church grows, so does its threat to certain communities. And threats must be eliminated.

A campaign of intimidation is launched to force Pastor Leon out and kill his increasingly-effective church. The pressure mounts, as dark forces grow desperate to stop the powerful black man in their midst. But they don’t know who they’re up against.

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